Runway Review: Givenchy SS18

 Chloe and Givenchy are on opposite ends of the brand positioning scale as the former whispers soft and delicate while the latter screams gothic edge, so how exactly did Claire Wright Keller transition into the latter?

Be being the only creative director of Givenchy to meet Hubert Givenchy, of course. Taking over from Ricardo Tisci, Keller gathered inspiration from the quintessential sketches of the house and decided to focus her first collection on the animalistic qualities of Givenchy and strong shoulders.

Keller focused on the brand's aesthetic down to its roots consisting of a minimal color palette and its iconic logo. But in my opinion, it felt as if she had been holding back to dive deep into the Givenchy world. Taking into consideration, this was her first collection coming from Chloe, she made sure to incorporate her free-spirit ruffle girl vibe. 

🖇 However, being too soon to tell, we'll all have to wait to truly see Keller's effect on the house of Givenchy. 

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