Travel Diaries: Dior Des Lices, Saint Tropez

When in Saint Tropez...

I was extremely fortunate to find his hidden gem when along my walk in the charming yet glamorous, Saint Tropez, French Riviera. A beautiful restaurant lies in the garden of the Dior store where it opens from May 15th up until October. Fortunately, the atmosphere is laid-back (although, I would have loved to show up in couture) and the menu has great variety (think soups, fish, cappucinos, chantillys and you get the picture...).

The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming which made our whole customer experience much more enjoyable (I had a beautiful view).

A big engraved Dior logo stands behind a table overlooking the enchanting entrance to the Dior house, itself. 

I decided to get something light which consisted of a coffee, detox juice, and profiteroles. We were also given Dior magazines upon waiting for our order (I was immediately updated on the new collection by Chiuri).

The food was extremely cute (see above) as it arrived with Dior's signature logo which really made me smile - alongside with the delicious profiteroles. The experience was so elegant that I hope everyone on the French Riviera gets a chance to go through it. I am missing this exquisite café already because it carried qualities that your day to day cafès simply don't: playfulness, elegance, magical and relaxed. An overall treat.

And if you have some extra time, don't forget to grab yourself a souvenir from the house itself - a 30-second walk. x 

Address: 13, rue Francois Sibilli, 83990 Saint Tropez,
Contact: Phone: 04 98 12 67 65, E-mail:

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