Travel Diaries: Cancun, Mexico

 Right after New Years, I was fortunate enough to go to Cancun, Mexico which was much appreciated during a brutal winter...

Check out some of my photos below from the Grand Mayan resort x 


Absolutely nothing beats lounging around in cabanas and reading books all day. It's essential to stock up on bikinis before a vacation, in which Zaful and Del Mar (some of my favorite swimwear companies) came in super handy. It was also extremely necessary to take care of skin as it was going to be soaking up a lot of sun... I carried Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream, Hemp Seed Oil for cleansingDior Instant Gentle Exfoliator, Chanel Hydration Protection Radiance Mask and of couse, good ol' drugstore sunscreen (SPF 50). I will be posting reviews of these soon x 

How I will survive the final months of winter, I have zero idea... x

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  1. It looks like paradise there! I hope you had a great time there.