Prada 365 Campaign

The enormous success from Gucci's has its competitors currently on their toes. Everyone seems to be questioning their own level of brand fatigue as the question of how to remain truly competitive in 2018 lingers on. 

After reporting a 25% drop in earnings in the first half of 2016, Prada's identity seems to be unencumbered. Just how, you may ask? A thoroughly fresh, new and ambitious marketing campaign focusing on their new public identity. This isn't just any marketing campaign; Prada365 will roll out on every imaginable platform: print media, magazine ads, social media, and ultimately every single possible way through digital platforms. The goal is to tell more narratives about the new collection as opposed to the norm of only focusing on one. The campaign focuses on five different women simultaneously, with various settings such as terrains, stations, pathways and beaches. Real world settings and events are intentionally used as Miuccia Prada would like to remind us how the brand focuses on reality and practical clothing as opposed to some dream like fanatasy many other luxury brands leave us feeling. 

See here for a video and you will see just how quickly the scenes are shown; symbolizing the quick changes of the new Prada woman. 

🖇 Seems as if a natual and disparate take on the brand is at works; but how exactly will it play out in the upcoming year? 

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