Chanel AW '17 Runway Review

Mr. Karl Lagerfeld holds his reputation for continuously bringing something innovate and imaginative to the runway shows every single year which is why the Chanel AW '17 was a show everyone was anticipating. 
This collection revolved around iconic pieces with a touch of new tones and twists I was ecstatic to note, particularly revolving around the theme of “flying into space”.  This can be exemplified as many “astronaut” touches were seen in the clothes as metallic silver gogo boots, a plethora of white and grey garments and metallic textures were unequivocally present. Mr. Lagerfeld clearly looks to the future.

To me, this collection targeted the jet-setter, but more than that, this show will unquestionably go down in the history of most exceptional fashion shows, essentially due to its set.

For this Chanel AW ’17 collection, Mr. Lagerfeld had spent six months solely creating the set in order to take his audience “into space”. The set took place at the Grand Palais in Paris and a rocket ship was present with the Chanel logo imprinted which actually lifted off. Remaining innovative yet elegant, he has done shows on sets of grocery stores, airports, carnivals, a database center, so the theme of space was no surprise. It can be concluded that Mr. Lagerfeld still strongly emphasizes the "show" aspect in a fashion show.

According to him, “People become worse and worse, they see only the screen. They don’t see the world anymore. And I don’t know if they see space…”  which is exactly what he brought the peoples’ attention to.

Check out the video below!
Talk about a fashion show literally being a blast. 

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