Christian Dior Pre-Fall '17 Review

 The Dior Pre Fall 2017 collection is special: hiterhto, it is unlike anything the Dior woman has been previously accustomed to.
Maria Grazia Chiuri (newly appointed creative director of Dior) has recently moved to Paris, France and hence took inspiration from the whimsical city of love and lights. She wanted this collection to express freedom and individuality, which we can see is unequivocally present. In an interview with WWD, she mentions "Christian Dior is a Parisian brand, so you have to feel this attitude that there is in the city, you can dress like you want, you can express how you feel. I feel this atmosphere of freedom in the city." Aside from the Parisian aesthetic, Chiuri also mentions how Dior cannot stay "Dior" forever. She intentionally hesitated to surrender herself wholly to the traditional Dior's heritage as she genuinely understands that women and the young girls of today cannot connect with the traditional identity anymore; they lead completely different and modern lives. As a result, she translated a new sort of heritage through the clothes, one about what matters today and now; to a new generation of women and girls. 

The clothing is extremely practical and wearable for real life while being adaptable to any other item in your closet; easy to pair. I feel as if this collection and future endeavours from Maria will have to play out a little longer before the Dior consumer gets used to the new identity. Traditionally, CD has been about a woman with power but Chiuru sees a different woman: a fairytale princess. She wants to bring out her dream - most girls' dream- in the newly developed brand.

🖇  No one likes change but this may have been what Dior needed post Raf Simons.

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